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Slips, Trips and Falls [Jun 2012]

Ninety-five percent of accidents in our industry happen due to unsafe situations. Due to all such unsafe situations, the most frequently occurring accidents in professional and non-professional life are slips, trips and falls. They are the major cause of injuries worldwide.

Slip Hazards

In the workplace, at home or at leisure, slipping on a surface can take just a fraction of a second, while the consequences could last for a lifetime. Broken bones, lost reputation and litigation under health and safety legislation are some of the possible outcomes. Thousands of slipping accidents and injuries that occur each year are caused by a lack of friction, or slip resistance, between footwear and floor and often can be prevented (or at least much reduced) with some forethought.

Balancing On A Banana Skin

Statistics show that slips, trips and falls are still the most common cause of injuries globally in the workplace. And that they relate to more than a third of all major injuries reported makes you wonder why, when so much is written about it, do we have to ask ourselves: “What have we really done to eliminate it?” We must all look a little deeper into what is often a more deeply rooted - and never really reported or tackled - issue.



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